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European Angus Cattle Society heads South as part of breed focus

14th September 2013

The European Angus Cattle Society combined a farm visit with a herd dispersal sale as it embarked upon its second outing of the year.

The Society hired a mini-bus and 13 members travelled South to view the Aberdeen Angus Liss Herd belonging to  John McEnroe in Oldcastle, County Meath and to take in the dispersal sale of the Carwin Limousin Herd at Ardlow, Virgina in County Cavan.

The tour started with a visit to the Liss Herd in the morning and host for the day was John McEnroe’s son, Sean.

Nestling in the hills of North Meath and overlooked by the historic Loughcrew Cairns the McEnroe family has been breeding Angus Cattle in the region for more than 60 years.

Founded by Bartle McEnroe in the early 1950’s the herd has been built on a solid foundation of Scottish and Irish genetics.

“Today we have 100 cows in the herd, 80 of which are Aberdeen Angus purebreds with the remainder being Belgian Blue cross,” explained Sean.

The outing involved a comprehensive farm walk and the group got to view the whole herd, which is renowned throughout Ireland for its quality.

“Most of our bulls we sell as one-year-olds at the Kilkenny, Kilmallock and Carrick-on-Shannon sales but we also sell stock independently,” continued Sean.

European Angus Cattle Society member Robert Steenson can vouch for the quality having purchased a number of bulls from the herd.

Liss Angus, as part of a consortium of breeders, has also got involved in exporting over the last couple of years.

According to Sean this involves mostly females and includes weanlings, yearlings and young cows.

Sean explained that John’s brother, Leo who farms in nearby Virginia, has become very active on the exporting front selling into Germany, Russia and Portugal.

After breaking for lunch the tour moved on to the Carwin Farm in Ardlow, Virginia, County Cavan for the dispersal sale.

Carwin Limousins was established in 1985 by Ray and Una Carolan and again the herd is very well known.

The sale, which was well attended and which was being held due to Ray’s impending retirement, offered 20 deep pedigree Limousin cows, in calf or suckling, one in calf heifer and 11 maiden heifers plus three stock bulls including the famous Roundhill Saturn.

 “As a breed European Angus pools genetics from both Angus and Limousin cattle, taking the best from both breeds,” said  European Angus Cattle Society secretary, Harry McGaffin. “To be able to view great Angus and Limousin cattle all in the one day in this our second outing was very worthwhile – a great day out!”

Sean McEnroe (sixth from left) with members of the European Angus Cattle Society during the Group’s visit to John McEnroe’s farm in Oldcastle, County Meath.

European Angus Cattle Society members viewing the Liss herd at John McEnroe’s farm in Oldcastle, County Meath.

Aberdeen Angus cattle belonging to John McEnroe in County Meath. Members of the European Angus Cattle Society visited John’s farm as part of a weekend outing.

Liss Herd host, Sean McEnroe (left) in discussion with Robert Steenson and David Lester of the European Angus Cattle Society.

A young cow with calf.

European Angus Cattle Society secretary, Harry McGaffin (right) with Brian Donald from Banbridge.

Cattle being prepared for the Carwin Limousin dispersal sale

A young heifer is paraded in the ring before a large crowd at the Carwin Limousin Herd dispersal sale.

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