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Euro Angus Beef has Great Taste and that’s official!

4th October, 2013

It’s celebration time at European Angus. One year on after the launch of the European Angus Beef scheme and Euro Angus beef products have picked up five awards and a magnificent 12 gold stars in the 2013 Great Taste Awards organised by the Guild of Fine Food.

A total of three Euro Angus beef products were awarded the top accolade of 3 Gold Stars and these products have also been included in the Top 50 foods.
The debut haul also included a 2 Gold Star award and a 1 Gold Star award.

The products that came in for Awards recognition are as follows:

Euro Angus Cote De Boeuf, salt aged
Euro Angus Fiorentina T-Bone, salt aged
Euro Angus Sirloin, salt aged


Euro Angus Ribeye Delmonico, salt aged 


Euro Angus Fillet , salt aged

Commenting on the Awards, which are widely regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the Food Industry, European Angus Cattle Society Secretary, Harry McGaffin said: “This was the first time that European Angus beef was entered in the Great Taste Awards and together
with our supply chain partner, Hannan Meats, we are absolutely delighted to have gained such recognition.

 “To help put things in perspective out of almost 10,000 product entries from all over the United Kingdom and Ireland there were only 125 that were awarded 3 Gold Stars in the blind tastings and we are delighted to say that we have three of those!

“Those three products, the Euro Angus Cote De Boeuf, salt aged, the Euro Angus
Fiorentina T-bone, salt aged and the Euro Angus Sirloin, salt aged, have all made it into the Top 50 British Foods listing, which is absolutely tremendous.”

The 2 Gold Star award was presented for Euro Angus Ribeye Delmonico, salt aged and the  1 Gold Star was given for our Euro Angus fillet, salt aged.

Here’s what the judges had to say about our Euro Angus award-winning beef:

Euro Angus Cote De Boeuf, salt aged:

“A beautiful piece of meat, juicy and full of complex meat flavours. Firm texture with a good mouth feel.”

“A delight – a three star product; most judges considered this exceptional.”

Euro Angus Fiorentina T-Bone, salt aged:

“Wonderfully tender meat with a melting layer of fat. The meat is juicy and tasty and the fat exceptional: nutty almost like marrow. We all felt the flavour was delicate but intense and entirely delicious.

“Difficult to imagine how a steak could get any better than this.”

“Quite superb – stunning in fact.”


Euro Angus Sirloin, salt aged:

“Great looking piece of sirloin, with a good layer of fat and lovely colour, really appealing. Superb full flavour that keeps going in the mouth. Succulent and moist, outstanding!”

 “A beautiful steak cut to a decent thickness. The meat has good texture and delivers a quite unique depth of flavour. Where is this from?”

“Moist looking. Beautiful marbling. Great meaty taste.”

“This recognition in the Great Taste awards is outstanding,” continued Harry McGaffin, Secretary of the European Angus Cattle Society. “It is further proof of the commitment and endeavour of everyone involved in the European  Angus Beef Scheme and I would like to congratulate everyone who has played a very important part in gaining these Awards, from the farmers supplying cattle to our supply chain partner, Hannan Meats and the scheme processing plant of choice, Lakeview Farm Meats Ltd.
It really is Beef at its best!”

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