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Euro Angus beef now on the menu in Michelin-starred restaurants in France

31st October, 2013

First London and now Paris! Euro Angus salt-aged beef is now featuring on the menus of Michelin-starred chefs in the French capital.

The orders have been secured by European Angus supply chain partner, Hannan Meats, following a visit to Northern Ireland by a Paris-based beef specialist.

The trip, organised by UK Trade and Investment, included a visit to Hannan Meats’ processing plant in Moira, taking in the company’s unique Himalayan Salt Chamber.

As a result of the visit a contract has been drawn up and agreed whereby Hannan Meats will supply the Euro Angus salt-aged beef (and other products) to a network of Michelin star restaurants both in Paris and in other centres in France.

Commenting on the new business in France, Hannan Meats Managing Director, Peter Hannan said: “We are delighted to be supplying some of the most respected Michelin star restaurants in Paris and other cities.
“The business in France is a marvelous endorsement from discerning restaurants of the outstanding taste and texture of the beef sourced from our own supply chain and then aged in our Himalayan salt chamber.
“Ageing the premium quality meat from our farm suppliers in a humidity controlled room with a back wall of pink Himalayan salt blocks ensures a stunning flavour.”

The salt blocks imported from the foothills of the Himalayas are used as part of the process in a specially constructed chamber to dry-age the beef over a period of 28-45 days.

“The salt wall draws moisture from the beef and over the ageing period concentrates and substantially enhances the flavour of the meat,” continued Peter.

“This is another tremendous result for Euro Angus beef and Hannan Meats,” added Harry McGaffin, Secretary of the European Angus Cattle Society. “Our beef scheme, run in partnership with Hannan Meats, has gathered serious momentum since its launch back in July 2012.
“The fact that Euro Angus beef is now being sold over the counter in the likes of Fortnum & Mason in London and served up by some of the leading chefs, both in the UK and now in France, is major recognition of the quality of our end product.”

Recipe for success: Euro Angus salt-aged beef is now featuring on the menus of Michelin-starred chefs in France.


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